October 2015

Together with the Ministry of Education in the Innovation Partnership we will be exploring and inventing with a Raspberry Pi mini-robot named Tiddlybot.  Here’s a summary of our ins-PI-re Project with the Innovation Partnership:

To inspire students to engage with the Raspberry Pi, a small computer to help students learn programming.  The Raspberry Pi will support the teaching of STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and the robotics application will help students create their own unique robots they can control through an iPad.

January 2016

As we have been inquiring, innovating and discovering into this wonderful world of Robotics and Coding, we are have refined and continue to re-define our project.  As we have branched in ‘primary robots’ that do not use the Raspberry Pi as a base, so our project has now turned into The INSPIRE Project.  Below is a newly revised synopsis of our project:

Robots. Coding. Technology.  Inspiring students to engage with robots as an opportunity to innovate and inquire into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with the new Digital Literacy curriculum. The INSPIRE Project delves into Universal Design for Learning principles and actively allows students to be innovators and not just consumers of technology.