Our Story Then…

Welcome to our adventures in exploring, learning and teaching all about the Raspberry Pi. I am Mrs. Pimentel who is the leading teacher on this exciting project! We want to give a special ‘Thank you’ to SET-BC for funding this year-long project! We are embarking on this fun-filled adventure with a group of Grade 7’s from Lynn Fripps Elementary School. We will be learning all about Computer Programming.

Here is a summary about our ins-PI-re Project:

Our ins-PI-re Project is an inclusive curriculum where a class of Grade 7 students from Lynn Fripps Elementary School in Langley learn about Computer Programming through a ‘credit-card-sized-single-circuit computer’ called a Raspberry Pi. Research has highlighted that individuals with Autism tend to have a higher interest in technology and computer programming, with this in consideration, we believe that Raspberry Pi technology can truly facilitate a wonderful ‘Universal Design for Learning’ environment. Children (as young as 5 years old) from around the world have used this device to create video games, control robots and design a pet feeder! Our team consists of Vern Mainman (Grade 7 classroom teacher), Dr. Sam Pimentel (Math Professor at Trinity Western University) and myself, Ann Pimentel (Learning Assistance Teacher and lead teacher on this project). This educational technology is new to the British Columbia school system and therefore I have been creating and implementing my own curriculum, and documenting our adventure through videos, photos and written blog posts. If you are interested in learning, sharing and exploring with us, please connect with this journaling blog. We are truly excited to pioneer this transformative inclusive technology at our school.


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