PI Set-Up

Wow! It is amazing how the sequencing of setting up the Raspberry Pi has many important elements to it. I wanted to simply layout the order of how one does the set-up a Raspberry Pi.

The set-up image from Raspberry Pi Manual


Make sure you have all the equipment, see my ‘ins-PI-re Equipment’ Page.

Step 1: Please note that we purchased our Raspberry Pi as a package from Element 14, so the SD card was already prepared (check out the Manual if your SD card needs to be set-up).

Insert SD Card
Step 2A: Plug in adapter to screen and adapter to connecting lead.

Plug in your monitor (or TV screen) into electrical socket
Step 2B: Plug in USB led from monitor (or TV screen)
Step 4: Plug in USB leds of Keyboard and Mouse
Step 4: Plug in your Internet/wired network connection
Step 5: Plug in your mini USB power supply
Step 6: The Raspberry Pi should be working now. You will see on the screen a lot of ‘code’. Then you will see
raspberrypi login:
Type in: pi
Then you will see
Type in: raspberry
Then you will see
Type in: startx

Step 7: Finally should see this…

We have arrived!


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