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Final Raspberry Pi

Here is our final Raspberry Pi ins-PI-re Project reflection.

Thank you to SET-BC for giving us a Classroom Technology Grant for this school year!

It has been ins-PI-ring!


Please note: I was able to teach four workshops this school year about our project on the Raspberry Pi to educational professionals and a community group.


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Lights, Camera, Pi!

SET-BC who graciously gave us our grant to do our insPIre Project came to video all the amazing insPIration happening in our PI class. The students were great at being in front of the camera and showing that they're all excited about coding! Thanks to Flo and Gary for allowing us to share our excitement about PI. We are looking forward to seeing the edited version in May.





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Rocks and Scratch

Wanna learn about rocks?

Here's a Scratch creation to teach you all about it!



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ins-PI-ring Workshop

The workshop of ins-PI-ring Technology: Raspberry Pi went excitingly well! There was a full class of educators from teachers to Tech support to a Special Education Assistant. I believe everyone left ins-PI-red!

Here are some photos from the day:

The workshop room set-up


ins-PI-red Educators
A (humorous) comic from the workshop


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Prepared for the Future


There is a wonderful article in Forbes about the importance of teaching young people to learn how to code and channelling their creativity to make their own video games. Click on the link below to read all about:



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Great Links Shared

In my pursuits in learning as much as I can about Raspberry Pi, I emailed VHS which stands for Vancouver Hackers Society.  Three members (thanks Simon, Steve and Thomas) kindly emailed me about wonderful resources that will help in developing our ins-PI-re project.  I wanted to share the list with you:

For well documented Raspberry PI tutorials 


For tutorials on getting started with the Raspberry PI

For a printable magazine filled with tutorials 


For information about making Technology fun for students:


For information on Raspberry PI nights at VHS: http://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/events-calendar/


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