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ins-PI-ring Workshop

The workshop of ins-PI-ring Technology: Raspberry Pi went excitingly well! There was a full class of educators from teachers to Tech support to a Special Education Assistant. I believe everyone left ins-PI-red!

Here are some photos from the day:

The workshop room set-up


ins-PI-red Educators
A (humorous) comic from the workshop



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Educating Educators

This Friday, I will be teaching a full class of educators about Raspberry Pi! The Provincial Professional Day Event is called Odyssey which is through the Langley School District to register go to www.thinklangley.com.


Here is the write-up about the workshop. Please excuse the grammar and spelling errors, somehow the edits didn't get to the Editor.



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Lesson 10 and 11 Creations

Here are some recent creations by our students:

An animated 'Sprite' creation
Santa Sprite?


Space Game
Maze Game being created
'Get the Sprite' Game


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Great Links Shared

In my pursuits in learning as much as I can about Raspberry Pi, I emailed VHS which stands for Vancouver Hackers Society.  Three members (thanks Simon, Steve and Thomas) kindly emailed me about wonderful resources that will help in developing our ins-PI-re project.  I wanted to share the list with you:

For well documented Raspberry PI tutorials 


For tutorials on getting started with the Raspberry PI

For a printable magazine filled with tutorials 


For information about making Technology fun for students:


For information on Raspberry PI nights at VHS: http://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/events-calendar/


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ins-PI-re: Lesson 3

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ins-PI-re: Lesson 2

My reflections and tutorial on Computer Programming in the Classroom. We are continuing on with the Introduction of the project and the basic foundational elements for a 12 year old to learn Computer Programming.


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Embarking on a Fun Frontier!


Our school was granted funding from SET-BC to create an inclusive curriculum by learning about Raspberry Pi.  This is the official first post to give you snapshots on our adventure with the Raspberry Pi Project throughout this school year.  We have three main members on our Pi Team:  Mr. Mainman who is hosting this project in his Grade 7 class; Dr. Pimentel who is a Math Professor at Trinity Western University who is our consultant on how to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in education; and finally myself, Mrs. Pimentel who is a Learning Assistance and Resource teacher who is teaching and learning all about the Raspberry Pi with Mr. Mainman’s Intermediate class once a week.

The following are the current educational websites (which I have found to worthy), I will be using to teach Raspberry Pi project:

Scratch (the software program) Lesson Plans

Raspberry Pi Manual

Raspberry Pi – 12 Lessons from the University of Cambridge

It is important to highlight the main pedagogical foundation which we will be using.  The objectives are directly from our District’s Curriculum Summary for Grade 7.

Students will:

Language Arts:

-Assess and reflect on his/her own writing and representing skills


-Develop decision making and problem solving skills, they need learning experiences that challenge them to recognize problems and actively try to solve them, to develop and use various strategies, and to learn to represent solutions in ways appropriate to their purposes.


-Develop inquiry, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities as citizens

-Become lifelong learners

-Maintain a sense of wonder about the world around them

-Test a hypothesis by planning and conducting an experiment that controls for two or more variables

-Create models that help to explain scientific concepts and hypotheses

Visual Art

– Demonstrate respect for the work of self and others

– Create images that express personal identity in response to aspects of art from a variety of

historical and cultural contexts

– Demonstrate the ability to co-operate to develop a group display

– Observe detail, shape, pattern, contour, tonal contrast and colour

Information and Communication Technology

– Develop media literacy and technical skills required to be lifelong learners in an information-rich, technological society.

– Learn how to solve problems using information technology.

– Develop creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information retrieval, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making, digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts.

We are looking forward to this upcoming year and enjoying our Raspberry Pi!

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