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Pi Presentation

I have done four Pi workshops since we started our insPIre project… It's been great sharing all the exciting things we have been doing! Here's one of my presentations to share a 'snapshot' of our ins-PI-re Project.




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Great Links Shared

In my pursuits in learning as much as I can about Raspberry Pi, I emailed VHS which stands for Vancouver Hackers Society.  Three members (thanks Simon, Steve and Thomas) kindly emailed me about wonderful resources that will help in developing our ins-PI-re project.  I wanted to share the list with you:

For well documented Raspberry PI tutorials 


For tutorials on getting started with the Raspberry PI

For a printable magazine filled with tutorials 


For information about making Technology fun for students:


For information on Raspberry PI nights at VHS: http://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/events-calendar/


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